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Rally at Nyki's Sentencing 

After the absurd sentencing of Nyki, her family, friends, and supporters rallied outside of the courthouse, denouncing the injustice that has befallen her. Before being sentenced to life in prison, with no possibility of parole until after 12 years, Nyki stood before the court, reasserting her innocence.

 “It is terrifying to be continually punished for this crime I did not commit. And it is damning to have to wonder why every night. I am no murderer and my heart is not selfish. If I was responsible for the death of another human being, I would have never plead not guilty. I would never suffer everyone involved this costly pain. This long, mentally diminishing, emotionally incapacitating process, this is the stuff true nightmares are made of. I did not kill Ross Hammond and I wish I had proven myself innocent beyond a reasonable doubt as I am innocent.” - Nyki